Book release: The Stranger From Meclan

The time has finally come! The Stranger From Meclan is now available on Amazon (

Are you someone who enjoyed 80’s action movies but are also keenly aware of the fact that the good guys need to reload at some point too? Do you like science fiction that still makes a wee bit of sense, even after thinking about it for more than 2.5 seconds? If so, I just might have the kick-ass old fashioned action story you’ve been waiting for…

As these tales generally go, it was just another hum-drum delivery run for Commander Dex Sloan and his trusty old freighter…Until it wasn’t. Dex had worked hard for many long years to cultivate a nice quiet life for himself, bouncing from system to system in an aimless wander through the cosmos, but that carefully constructed house of cards came tumbling down when he found himself amid the turbulence of Meclan station. Silence was always an option, but even the most delicately laid plans are worth burning to the ground if it means a bully is to meet his comeuppance.
Sometimes it takes a Stranger to spark life into the flames of revolution…

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